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›› Industry Experience

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2020 — Present
Sr. Software Developer, DevRel – Google
• Tech lead for Bank of Anthos, a reference multi-service application leveraging Google Cloud.
• Leads the developer experience engineering planning for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).
• Maintains sample applications and client libraries for GKE and Anthos products.
• Designs and develops core technical tutorials for GKE and Migrate for Anthos.
• Engages with internal partner teams to enhance the Google Cloud on-boarding experience.
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2018 — 2020 • 2 yrs 6 mos
Sr. Software Developer – Dell EMC
• Developer on a software offering for storing and analyzing high volumes of streaming data.
• Led a team of five developers to implement and streamline product upgradability.
• Implemented feature from PoC to release to reduce latency and improve data throughput tenfold.
• Developed Kubernetes operators and service brokers for Pravega and Flink analytics.
• Led a team of quality assurance engineers to develop and refine new testing processes.
• Designed and developed a flexible Kubernetes PaaS installer used in multiple projects.
Logo of Mount Allison University
Spring 2018 • 3 mos
Research Assistant – Mount Allison University
• Developed a custom template for displaying dynamically loaded data on Ektron CMS.
• Converted a multi-table FileMaker database containing 20,000+ entries to an open flat-file format.
• Designed layouts to display static database entries in a custom CMS page.
Logo of Canada Moto Guide
2016 — 2017 • 10 mos
Software Developer – Canada Moto Guide
• Revamped the overall feel of the website with bolder colors and responsive design.
• Designed and developed a new layout for the homepage with bolder and brighter colors.
• Optimized the main WordPress theme to be accessible over a variety of mobile devices.
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Summer 2017 • 5 mos
Software Engineering Intern – Dell EMC
• Implemented a metric aggregation system for multi-node clusters using StatsD and Graphite.
• Developed a longevity test suite for a stress framework of continuously streaming data.
• Maintained and automated the deployment of a DC/OS platform on bare metal nodes.
Logo of Mount Allison University
2015 — 2017 • 1 yr 8 mos
IT Technician – Mount Allison University
• Performed troubleshooting of various software and hardware issues.
• Configured and set up new computers and systems, both Windows and macOS.
• Advised staff and faculty members following technology-related questions.
Teaching Assistant – Mount Allison University
• Helped and guided students during computer science course labs.
• Graded and gave feedback to students on assignments and projects.
• Hosted review sessions prior to midterms and final exams.
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Summer 2016 • 5 mos
Software Engineering Intern – EMC Corporation
• Led the development and automation of a virtual cluster deployment tool running in OpenStack.
• Improved the error recovery capabilities of Ansible Playbooks launched for continuous integration.
• Implemented workflow and automation features for the team's continuous integration bot.

›› Education

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2014 — 2018
B.Sc. Computer Science – Mount Allison University
• President of the Mathematics and Computer Science Society.
• Senior team member for the International Collegiate Programming Contest.
• Peer tutor for the Meighen Centre for Learning Assistance and Research.

›› Projects

Logo of XIV ToDo
2021 — Present
Founder and Lead Developer – XIV ToDo
• XIV ToDo is a companion web app for the massively multiplayer online game, Final Fantasy XIV.
• Provides useful character-based dashboards, tailored checklists, and tools.
• Build from scratch using Vue.js, Firestore and Cloud Run, and available open source on GitHub.
• Receives a sustained 500 unique daily visitors as of mid-2023.
Logo of GitHub
2013 — Present
Open Source Contributor
• Apollo: Comand-line media list manager and API client written in Golang.
• Chasm: CHIP-8 emulator written in C++ using SFML.
• Chess3D: A simplistic two-player interactive game of chess in 3D using OpenGL and C++.
• Hajimaru: Startpage and bookmarks generators written in Python with Jinja2.
• Mussels: Simple Unix command-line interpreter written in C++.

›› Involvements

Logo of Mount Allison University
2018 — 2021
Mount Allison University
• Participated in an industry panel on careers in tech in 2021.
• Created specifications and a design plan for the Winter 2019 term project of the Software Design course.
• Software Development in Industry: Talk targeted at incoming computer science students given in 2019.
• Tips and Tricks for Increased Development Efficiency: Talk targeted at computer science students given in 2018.
Logo of MtA Hacks
2019 — 2020
MtA Hacks
• Judged ~40 entrants' final projects during the 2019 edition of the hackathon.
• Judged ~60 entrants' final projects during the 2020 edition of the hackathon.
• Participated in industry panels on life after university in 2019 and 2020.
• Gave a workshop on shells and terminal multiplexers in 2020.
Logo of DSC
2014 — 2018
Developer Student Clubs
• Internships & Full Time Jobs in Tech: Talk targeted at university students.
• Hosted a workshop to help students with their resume and applications.
• Organized and gave mock technical interviews.

›› Awards & Accomplishments

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• Recipient of 22+ Peer Awards as of mid-2023.
• Recipient of 10+ Spot Awards as of mid-2023.
Logo of Dell EMC
Dell EMC
• Recipient of the Q3 FY19 Game Changer Award under the Unstructured Storage Division.
• Recipient of the FY19 Dell Champion Award for outstanding contribution and productivity.
• Nominated for the Q2 FY19 Employee of the Quarter under the Unstructured Storage Division.
• Recipient of the December 2018 Employee of the Month under the Unstructured Storage Division.
Logo of ICPC
• 2nd place at the 2017 Atlantic Canadian ACM-ICPC Preliminary Competition.
• 4th place at the 2016 Atlantic Canadian ACM-ICPC Preliminary Competition.
• 5th place at the 2015 Atlantic Canadian ACM-ICPC Preliminary Competition.
Logo of Kattis
• Ranked in the top 20 Canadians as of 2018 on Kattis, the official ACM-ICPC Online Judge.
• Solved over 150 unique problems from the Open Kattis archives.
• Contributed original problems to the Open Kattis archives.
Logo of Mount Allison University
Mount Allison University
• 1st position at the 2017 ACM-ICPC North America Qualifier Competition under my university.
• 3rd position at the 2016 ACM-ICPC North America Qualifier Competition under my university.
• 3rd position at the 2016 Katt Competitive Programming Competition.